Last weekend, I had the pleasure to watch these two become one. Jaymie + Carlos style is different from most, as they have AWESOME tattoos. I love anything that adds life to photos, and thats just what these two did. Both of them have the most vibrant smiles which made it so easy for me to capture natural photos!

Jaymie: " Six years ago, I met Carlos at a party he was hosting. I had been invited by my best friend, and maid of honor, who was dating his cousin at the time. We spoke only once that night, but it was enough for an attraction to begin. A few days after the party, Carlos found me on facebook and talked me into giving him my phone number. It took him a few tries to get me to go out with him, but once I agreed and we went out on our first date, you couldn't keep us apart. We dated for about 2 weeks before making it official on my birthday, and we've been inseperable since."

"I think whats special and unique about us is how different we are, but how well we get along. We balance each other out in so many ways. I love how patient he is, how huge his heart is, and how hard he can make me laugh by being his silly self."

Carlos: " I'm crazy about her smile! I love how caring and thoughtful she is; and even though I hate surprises, she continues to surprise me all of the time! "

Talking these two, you can easily tell how made for each other they were.

I feel so grateful to have been able to capture some photos of their pure, selfless love.

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