Blair + Mark

I knew Blair as an acquaintance in high school, and was so excited when she contacted me to capture her engagements, and wedding! Something about capturing people you know makes it all the more exciting! Right away we decided on a desert landscape, with a soft toned setting. Just venturing out took me to this little hidden gem of an area to use for their session.

I always love to ask my couples how they met, and Blair answered with this; "We were introduced by a mutual friend who took us both to get breakfast after church. In order to get there we had to ride bikes. I am awful at that and totally crashed mine. But hey, I got the most embarrassing thing out of the way."

"Now in our relationship something we like to do is go to dinner and a movie on Fridays. We are pretty big movie people and we like to go to trivia on tuesdays with friends."

"What I love about him is that he always tries to find God's will in every situation. I also love that he makes me laugh (like so much that I snort which is not attractive). "

This couple was so easy to capture, all smiles were natural, and they snuggled without me having to tell them to.

There will be more to come from these 2 in the future.

© 2009 Tawny Raquel Photography & Design

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