Katie + Chris

Every once and awhile, I love to offer brides + grooms a "day after the wedding" session. I do this because on the day of the wedding, sometimes the timelines don't go as planned, and the time for portraits is being minimized. The Dj and all other vendors are trying to be respectful of the timeline, and sometimes lets face it, weddings almost always don't start on time.

This kind of session, is so much fun, because we pick an EPIC scenic location where you don't mind so much getting the bottom of your dress dirty... it is relaxed, and styled in a way that is elegant. Its fun to get all dressed up again, but in a complete different vibe!

The day of, can be a little stressful, only because there is so much going on. And its not really like you can wear your dress again, well I offer that opportunity now! And if only I could take selfies so well, I would do this for myself and my husband.

Katie + Chris were complete naturals! Its rare to find a groom just as photogenic as the bride, and let me too these two could be in a bridal magazine. So fluent, and natural in every motion made. Every photographers dream!!

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