For this engagement session, we drove up the mountain. We wanted a forrest theme with a fancy look. It was perfect weather, and perfect light.Who does love a good authentic love story? I mean BETTER than Nicholas Sparks. I know I do! So after you scroll through the summarized version of the photos from their session, their entire love story is posted for you to read. I love having my couples write me their stories because it provides a background story to the images you see. These 2 were a delight to work with. They were so easy, and I didn't have to do much directing in poses because they were so natural! I am so excited to capture their special day!


This is a true modern day fairytale meeting! It was Friday the 13th (thank God I'm not superstitious),

and I was at school scrolling through what else, but Instagram. I came across a pic of my best

friend's brother and his girlfriend at Disneyland! They were on splash mountain laughing and looking

super cute! Now, you must know I absolutely LOVE Disneyland and consider myself borderline

"obsessed" since I was 7 and The Little Mermaid debuted! When I went to click the "like" button, I

accidentally clicked the hashtag Disneyland! All of a sudden I'm looking at a flood of pictures of

people who had JUST hash tagged Disneyland in the last minute! These pics tend to move down the

feed very quickly because Disneyland is a very popular hash tagged location in the world! So here I

am staring at the very FIRST picture in a sea of people who just posted about Disneyland. The

picture that caught my eye was a guy with an awesome black beard and gorgeous blue eyes! Yes,

he was strikingly handsome! The post was of Kenny staring off into the distance with foam on his

beard and a witty caption! It could have been those baby blues or maybe the funny joke, but either

way I proceeded to leave a handful of laughing face emoticons! I didn't leave anything else and

quickly hopped off his page and on to others. Maybe not a minute later at 3:22pm I got a direct

message from Mr. Kenneth Mobley himself, or better known as Viking_Wizard_Eyes on Instagram!

Ha, ha! He sent a simple and direct message that said, "Hi. Who are you?" accompanied by a

Bitmoji of himself giving me his heart! Awe! After going back and forth for about a half hour through

direct messaging, he said, "Here's my number stranger." and the rest is history! We met up in person

a week later and have watched this unconventional relationship blossom into a love that I've never

known! All thanks to Instagram, Disneyland and those epic hash tags!


We're racing off (because I made us late again), to the Happiest Place on Earth to celebrate a post

Valentine's day gift! Once we enter the Magical Kingdom Kenny asks me what ride I'd like to do first.

I say Space Mountain of course! He politely agrees, but then suggests that we first walk through

Sleeping Beauty's Castle, to see if the Peter Pan ride has a fast past! I thought that was a random

suggestion but then brushed it off since that line is usually long and we always skip it when we're

there. As we approach the Castle, we stop so Kenny can make a phone call to his "boss" to see if he

can get another day off to spend more time together. He walks a short distance away from me to

make the call. I don't mind since it gives me a chance to take cute selfies in front of the gorgeous

spring flowers blooming all over the place. After the phone call Kenny suggests that we take a

picture in front of the Castle since there weren't a lot of people there quite yet. He knows how much I

LOVE taking pictures together and so I was excited that he was the one initiating the endless couple

selfies! He tells me that this is going to be the "only" time we're taking pictures today, so he grabs

one of the professional Disney photographers to make it a good one! Even better I thought! Kenny

finds one of the photographers in front of the Castle, and tells me to go put my stuff down to get

ready while he talks to him about taking our picture! I excitedly put my purse on the floor, take off my

glasses, fix my hair and makeup and then quickly get in place for what I'm thinking is going to be a

great "Valentine's Day" picture! The photographer suggests that we move to a better spot off to the

side where he can get a perfect shot of the castle in the background! As we move over and start to

get into our typical "prom" couple stance, Kenny turns to me and is now holding my arms. He starts

to stare at me for an unusual amount of time, then I hear him say, "Baby, you how much I love you,

right?" His face is glowing, he's uncontrollably smiling and now his eyes are starting to glisten with

tears! OMG! It starts to occur to me what is about to happen! I respond to his rhetorical question with

a curious, "Yes..." and then watch him drop down to one knee RIGHT there in front of Sleeping

Beauty's Castle at my favorite place in the world! It's also the place where he asked me to be his

girlfriend! As I'm staring at the love of my life and best friend, holding my dream ring, Kenny asks me

to MARRY HIM! AHHH! Wow! This is like a fairytale come to life! At that moment he slips the ring on

my finger and I'm overwhelmed with emotions, so much so that the photographer has to ask me,

"Well, is that a yes!?" Omg, I forgot to answer the most important question of my life! "YES!", I shout

out loud! And, as the photographer continues to take our amazing proposal pictures, Kenny holds

me, kisses me and then has me look over to the guy standing next to the photographer... It's Kenny's

best friend Ryan who had been following us and recorded the whole proposal! Ryan was the "work

call" Kenny had to make! He was making sure Ryan was in place right before he proposed! Ryan

had already been there for an hour waiting for us to get to the park! What a trooper and great friend!

I now notice that there is an audience affectionately looking at us while Kenny and I continue to live

in the moment! I eagerly grab his face and kiss him for making this whole experience a dream come

true! Everything has come full circle because of Disneyland, from meeting on instagram due to a

hash tag, later becoming boyfriend and girlfriend there, to NOW becoming a bride tobe

right in frontof the castle! It's my personal Fairytale come to life and what Disney dreams are made of!


What do I love about Valerie? Well, she is the sweetest, most genuine, most caring human I have

ever met. She is selfless and always puts others before herself. She is beautiful and looks at me like

no one else ever has. I guess you could say I love her because she genuinely and truly loves me.


Have you ever met someone and instantly felt at home? I have. The first time I met Kenny I instantly

felt like I was meeting my oldest best friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time. Everyday he makes me

feel like I’m the most beautiful person in the world. A true princess. I can be JUST ME! No glam, no

fuss, no frills, and he loves every part of me! I love him for the way he stewards over my heart and

makes me feel cherished and protected. His love for Christ overflows in the way he loves people. I

love his heart and compassion for others and the way he makes everybody feel like a somebody.

Who is this man? He’s genuine, talented and finds so much joy in the world around him. His laugh

and smile are infectious and he lives life to the fullest! He is a true lover of life! He inspires me to be

everything God’s called me to and to live this life with purpose! And, when he looks at me, he makes

me feel like I’m the only woman in the world… I’m so inlove with this man, my best friend, my Bae

and Love of My Life!

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