I love posting my couples love story attached to their blog post. It allows for every reader to know them as a couple. Ashley and Ernie have the most amazing story. They are such amazing people, and are a perfect match for each other! We wanted to do a session which went with the theme of their wedding...FALL. So we went went somewhere out of the desert, out of orange county, and got that leafy feel. They were so easy to capture. Their love is so pure. I hope you enjoy their story, and their photos to follow!

Written by Ashley + Ernie themselves:

How we met:

Although our story is unconventional, it is one that is worth telling. Ashley and I met in high school but we hardly spoke to one another. We were in different places in our lives and hung out in different circles. Our paths would cross at several different times, whether it was during our snowboarding trip in high school, at a mutual friend's party in San Diego, or during our "troublemaker" yearbook photo shoot.

Fast forward a couple of years to 2009, one of the darkest and most trying years of my life. During November of this same year, I, with the help of a friend, *cough* Elissa *cough*, was able to score a movie date with Ashley and a bunch of our friends. This night would start the beginning of our relationship.

As individuals, Ashley and I both had a lot of growing, healing, and soul-searching to accomplish. Because of this, our first two years were challenging. Despite the difficulties we encountered as a couple, we stuck by one another. Throughout everything we experienced, we did not give up on one another, and that is the true strength of our relationship.

In 2011, Ashley and I had the opportunity for a fresh start in our relationship. We made significant changes in our personal lives and were - and continue to be - excited about our family's future. By 2012, we began to raise our family with our two boys, Ashton and Noah, who both give our lives incredible meaning and purpose. Because of the growth that Ashley and I have achieved, I am happy to say that we are able to raise our boys in a happy home, full of love and laughter.

For nearly 7 years, Ashley and I have shared our lives with another. We've grown and matured together, loved and compromised, and learned how to support one another when support is needed. I can personally say that at this moment, I have everything I could ever want.

What Ashley loves about Ernie:

I will remain forever grateful that God has brought Ernesto into my life. What I love about Ernie is the spark in his eyes. The immediate and undeniable connection. I love the kindness that radiates from them. I believe the eyes can reveal a lot about a person's character. I love that Ernesto's soul is not only generous, but truly selfless. He proves this to me on a daily basis in his interactions with my - our - boys. I love that the meaning of family is what matters most to him; which is probably the reasoning behind his career choice of a marriage and family therapist. What I see in his eyes is my own potential. My own endless ability to love without condition, reservation, or fear. What I see is my true-self; the person I’ve hidden under so many layers and scars and masks. What I see is just me; clean, unbroken, and whole. I see happiness. I see joy. When I look at him, I see peace, safety, home, comfort, and loyalty. I see unconditional love. Uncontrollable desire. I see the head of our home. The leader I am not afraid to follow. The one I can trust and be myself around. The man who challenges my thinking, but knows when to give in. For all these reasons and so many more which I will disclose on our wedding day, I can give my heart freely to him. Thank you Ernie for being so incredibly worth the wait. These are just a few things that prove to me that you were created for me, and I for you.

What Ernie loves about Ashley:

I feel like I am the luckiest guy alive. As cliche as it sounds, I couldn't be more genuine and truthful when I say it. When we started dating, Ashley saw through all of my flaws and knew who I was at my core. She knew the Ernesto that I thought was long gone and she helped to bring him back. Ashley and Ashton helped bring me back to life, and then Noah came along. The three of them gave me the strength and motivation to become the person I am today.

Everyone wants to be loved, and here, I am loved by a woman who is not only beautiful on the outside, but more importantly, she has a beautiful soul. She makes me laugh every day. She tells me when I have a great idea and when I am being ridiculous. She supports my goals and dreams for the future. As an ambivert ::nerd alert:: her outgoing and goofy personality is a perfect match for me. She loves our boys with all of her heart and that is one of the best feelings a father and future husband can experience.

She is determined, focused, and hard-working. What I have seen her accomplish in the years that we have been together is a testimony to her character. Because of this, she is not only an inspiration to me, but a role model for our boys. Did I mention she has the curves of a country road? I could go on and on, but what I find most amazing about Ashley is the fact that she has chosen me to spend her life with. She's chosen me to be the person that she wants to raise a family with. I love you babe, always and forever.

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